Lagrima (Tear Drops)

by Paul Adrian

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I was invited by a good guitarist friend of mine to attend his birthday party. I have a gig that day so I told the celebrant in advance that once my engagement is done, I will go straight to his party urgently. When I arrived at the place, the people asked me to play a piece. What am I suppose to play, I asked. Any piece will do, they said. So I took the classical guitar into my hands and started to play the first piece that occured to me, Lagrima. After I played Lagrima, a wise teacher gave a remark about the piece and told us a story about it:

Sometime in 1881 while Tarrega was performing in London. The maestro found the weather not to his liking. Probably one of the reasons why he have been depressed. After the concert, the onlookers noticed that he is in low spirit. "What is the matter, maestro?" they asked him. "Do you miss home? Your family, perhaps?" They advised him to capture that moment of sadness in his music.

I still find the story dubious for I never have had the opportunity to see a primary source citied for it. However, Lagrima do evokes a strong emotions to some listeners, causing some I've witnessed to weep (or my playing was just hideous). :)


released September 20, 2014




Paul Adrian Moldez | Guitarist Manila, Philippines

Paul Adrian is a solo guitarist engaged in writing, creating, and performing musical ideas. He's been playing and continually improves to learn about the Six Stringed Beast (Guitar) for more than 19 years. He concentrates mainly on writing for his instrument for he wants to be a big contributor in the world of guitar music. ... more

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